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Milton 5 Shelf Plant Stand

Milton 5 Shelf Plant Stand

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The Milton 5 Shelf Plant Stand lets you show off your beloved indoor plants in style.
 With ample shelving and a contemporary design, you'll love the way your plants pop amid the shelves.

 With a stunning open design, this storage unit adds dimension and space to a room for a brighter, airy home. With different shelves offering varying heights and widths, this stand is perfect for any kind of plant.


Green thumbs will adore displaying their prized plants on the Milton 5 Shelf Plant Stand. Plants provide fresh air and a calming, harmonious environment in a home that helps reduce stress and increase overall happiness. With this plant stand, you'll have a spot for all your favourite indoor plants. With room for a whole range of houseplants, this tiered plant stand is the perfect piece for any greenery lover. Each shelf provides a unique dimension to suit a different plant and brings a unique design to a room.


Play with height and dimension as you mix and match plants of differing heights and textures and show off their foliage to guests. You'll fall in love with how your favourite pot plant and greenery pops among the shelves. Besides plants, you can use this stand to display pictures, knickknacks, and other treasures. Or use a bookshelf to add some books! Add a candle, print and photos to add dimension. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling this beauty. Make your plants a centrepiece of your hoe with the Milton 5 Shelf Plant Stand.