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  • 10 Amazing Hallway Styling ideas (that don't cost too much!)


    Hallways are often a problem space in a home. Sure, they help you get from one part of the house to another but because they aren’t a “room” in the traditional sense (and are usually long and narrow), they often get neglected when it comes to home styling.  So, to save these forgotten spaces, we have 10 amazing hallway styling ideas that will turn any wasted hallway into a pretty pathway without blowing the budget.

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  • A Guide To Choosing Kids Beds - Mocka AU

    Moving your child to their first ‘big kids’ bed is an important step for any parent and their child. Knowing this will be your child’s bed for the next long while, you want to ensure you make the right choice and give them the best possible chance to sleep through the night (which means extra winks for Mum and Dad, too). To make the decision easier, we looked at some things to consider when choosing kids beds.

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  • Four Amazing Cots under $350 in Australia


    In Australia, as nursery furniture goes, the cot is super important as it will most likely be your baby’s bed for two to three years, where they’ll sleep safe and sound (and hopefully through the night!).

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  • Designing Tips for Kids Bedrooms

    Designing Tips For Kids Bedrooms - Mocka AU

    Your child is finally ready to graduate from their nursery to a big kid’s bedroom but you find yourself stuck. You’re unsure how best to design a bedroom that reflects their personality while remaining functional not just now, but into the future as well. And we haven’t
    even started talking about the budget yet.

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  • A Guide to Home Staging Furniture in Australia

    A Guide to Home Staging Furniture in Australia - Mocka AU

    When it comes to selling a home, first impressions count. The more desirable your property looks, the greater chance of increasing your sale price and selling it sooner. Which is why it’s seriously worth considering (and recommended) to stage your home to appeal to potential buyers.

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  • Highchairs for Cafes and Restaurants

    Highchairs For Cafes & Restaurants - Mocka AU

    If you wish to cater to a variety of clientele, you should consider the importance of highchairs as seating options in your restaurant or café. Providing highchairs in your café and restaurant allows you to serve your youngest customers comfortably and safely. While each option comes with its own features and benefits, different models of highchairs are more suitable for infants and toddlers. Let’s dive in to what you should know when choosing the right highchair for a food establishment.

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  • 8 Beautiful Entertainment Units under $260

    An entertainment unit is the centrepiece of any living space and in our modern lives, a definite must-have. Your TV unit will not only set the tone and style of a space but will also add valuable storage that can be put to good use. In order to have a beautiful entertainment unit we often assume it’s going to cost us. However, it is possible to find a good quality, stylish unit at an affordable price. In fact, if the headline didn’t give it away already, we are here to show you 8 beautiful entertainment units all under the bargain price of $260.00. In this list there is guaranteed to be a unit and price to suit anyone’s style and budget.

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  • White Bedside Tables and why you need one

    Why You Need White Bedside Tables & Why - Mocka AU

    There has been an increase in the need for simple, white bedside tables. Whether it is because of the minimalist movement that is widely appreciated or just changes in trends and tastes, white bedsides tables are here and they’re not going anywhere.  Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these side tables and where you can find a range of different styles to suit your needs.

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  • How to Set Up Your Home Office for Under $500

    When it comes to home offices, often the big bucks are spent on the electronics – like the new laptop or desktop computer and the 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier. While those crystal-clear graphics are a dream and the print finish is gallery quality, you aren’t going to be as productive (or as comfortable) in an unfurnished home office. Happily, we love a stellar office space and make it our mission to provide the most affordable and stylish office furniture around. We thought we’d show how you can set up your home office so it is comfortable, practical and stylish….and all for under $500!

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  • 8 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep in Bunk Beds

    The King of kids’ beds, the Bunk Bed has fascinated children from all generations for decades. The adventure it represents to kids always delights and helps make bedtime fun for any little sleeper. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading for our 8 reasons your kids should sleep in a bunk bed.

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