Artificial Plants


Artificial Plants at Mocka


Where can I buy a realistic artificial plant?

Mocka Australia offers a range of artificial indoor plants that are perfect for adding a life-like quality to any room in your home. With a range of styles and sizes, fake plants are a fantastic addition to help fill that empty space and add a natural and modern style to your house.

Why should I consider buying artificial plants?

Our artificial plants are an excellent option for interior decorating that takes all of the time and effort out of maintaining your home decor. Unlike having to continually care for real plants - often to no avail - you can get an everlasting lush green look in your home without the mess or having the plant wilt away on you! If your home has less natural light or you don't want to bring dirt into the house a fake plant is the way to go.

What are the best artificial plants and flora?

Let's be honest, when considering a fake plant, it's so we can get away from the inconvenience of having to maintain, water and keep a real plant alive. The best indoor artificial plants are those that require as little effort to maintain as possible. Mocka's artificial plants stay lush and green no matter how much you forget to water it and are a breeze to keep clean

How can I decorate with fake plants and foliage?

The best way to ensure your artificial plant is going to add to your space is by choosing the right type of faux plant for the available space. Mocka's broad range of plants can help you keep your options open. Consider a tall artificial plant to spruce up an empty corner, a small faux plant for the top of a table or shelf, or get a little crazy with a whole shelf of plants perfect for empty wall space. Have a higher corner or table that looks a bit bare? Consider an artificial hanging plant where options are boundless! Some added greenery to a spare shelf, table or corner will go a long way in making your home more lively and homely.

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