Bikes & Ride ons

Bikes & Ride ons

You’re never too young for a new set of wheels, and our range of kids bikes and ride-ons give Aussie kids the freedom to get outside and explore their surroundings.

An active kid is a happy kid, and with our extensive range of kids bikes and ride-ons your child will be kept busy for hours while developing important motor skills such as coordination and balance as they zip around the garden, neighbourhood or the park. Choose one of our kids bikes or ride-ons and ride or walk alongside your child as they take to the streets with their very own set of wheels!

At Mocka, we are pretty proud to say that we have one of Australia’s biggest range of kids balance bikes which can be purchased for children from 18 months-old onwards. Not only are Balance bikes a ton of fun, but they are also a great tool for teaching children how to confidently ride a bike without the need for pesky training wheels (that eventually have to come off - resulting in many a skinned knee!). Our kids bikes come with the option of either wooden and metal frame, as well as different colours to suit every personality. We also have a range of accessories such as bells, bags, and helmets to really pimp out your kids ride!

For those who aren’t quite ready for 2-wheel transportation, we also have a range of groovy ride-on toys including the Mocka Box Cart and our popular ride-on bumble bees and ladybirds. Kids ride-ons can be used both inside and outside, and are a great way build confidence before moving onto a bigger bike.

Like all Mocka products, our kids bikes and ride on have been designed with kids safety in mind and have been tested to meet Australias strict safety standards.

What are you waiting for? Shop our kids bikes and ride ons now and get your little ones moving! 

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