If there’s a baby on the way, then you are sure to find what you need in our extensive range of Baby Furniture. Whether a first-time parent, a return veteran or shopping for someone else’s little one, our range of baby furniture will help you get prepared for your new arrival - or find that perfect baby shower gift!    

From somewhere to sleep, through to somewhere to eat, we have long sorted solutions for babies around Australia. We have everything from baby cots, change tables and wooden highchairs to play gyms, play mats and push toys. Mocka’s selection of baby furniture provides the essentials every parent needs for a newborn, through to a crawler and beyond.            

When it comes to Mocka’s approach to baby furniture, toys and accessories, we look for products designed to help you build a space, where moments with the little one can be savoured. Whether this is a child’s first time rolling over on our play mat or the first tentative steps taken using one of our push toys, these are the memories worth creating and why we are so passionate about offering quality yet affordable nursery furniture for Aussie babies, tots and children.

Our baby furniture is designed to last as your child grows.  With a range of colours and styles available there is endless opportunity to make your nursery unique – or inject a bit of personality into that baby shower gift. With any baby furniture, practicality is a must. Adjustability, ease of assembly and storage aplenty are just some of the benefits we ensure our products provide.

Safety is also incredibly important to us at Mocka, especially when it concerns children. All Mocka nursery furniture is tested to the highest safety standards in Australia. So even though we can’t promise you’ll get plenty of rest, you can be assured any baby sleeping, eating or playing with Mocka products is in safe hands! Shop our range of Baby Furniture now and get prepared for the new kid on the block.  

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