How to use the Mocka Wishlist Feature!

15th Oct 2020

How to use the Mocka Wishlist Feature!

Mocka's new wishlist feature is perfect for all your shopping needs! This little button is available on every product page, allowing you to keep your favourite products all in one place - until you're ready to buy.

How to use the wishlist

Once you have signed in with your Mocka account, just add items to your wishlist by hitting the 'add to wishlist' button. Then, when you have finished adding items to your list, go to the wishlist tab in your account to edit the list, add notes, add items to your shopping cart, or share with a friend via email. You don't need to worry about saving your list either - it will stay with your account until you remove the items.

Mocka Wishlist Instruction Image

If you are slowly chipping away at a design project, the Mocka wishlist is great for keeping your vision on track. It's also fantastic for a baby shower if you want to give your guests a bit of direction. Or, for family fun use it with the kids to send a tip to Santa. The options are endless - so sign into your Mocka account and get started on your wishlist now!


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