Console Tables

Console Tables

Console tables combine style with practical storage, and are a key piece of furniture that fit in many different rooms. They are often found in the entry area - hence their alternative name hallway tables - providing instantly accessible storage capacity for all your leaving home essentials, from keys and wallets to bags.

While console tables are very useful for their storage ability, homeowners can also make use of their surface area to create feature displays. This is often a group of treasured family photos, letting guests enjoy them just as much as they lift your spirits each time you happen to glance them as you pass your console table. It's not just photos though. These surfaces are a useful location to place stylish houseplants, adding a touch of drama and natural style to any room. These plants can be upright and proud, but equally, you might opt for a few trailing options cascading over the side to add softness to the furniture's shape. 

Console tables are highly functional, and for that reason they don't just belong in the hall. Different models can act as a vanity table in your bedroom, a work table in your kids' room, or a stylish desk for yourself to keep those home accounts, insurance and property details, and other such vital information. Many people also use a console table as an attractive home for their TV or other entertainment units, particularly where space is limited. Others like to stock it up as a lounge room bar, an easy home for that well-deserved evening tipple, or when entertaining friends, family and other guests.

You might enhance the dramatic effect of your console or hallway table by adding a mirror or piece of art to the wall above it, or by placing it underneath the light of a window. With their slim shape, console tables fit easily into so many spaces, offering storage and style as they work so well in a great number of in-home locations. Appreciating both their usefulness and style, it's time to browse our range of modern & affordable console and hallway tables, ready to add impact, usefulness and effect around your home!

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