Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes

Mocka Balance Bikes are loved by kids and adults alike all around Australia. Designed for toddlers as training bicycles, Balance Bikes help children learn balance and steering (and have a whole lot of fun and adventure doing it!). We believe Balance Bikes are the best way for kids to develop biking confidence, balance and co-ordination.

What are Balance Bikes?

Balance Bikes do not have pedals, instead children guide the bikes with their feet, hence why they are also called running bikes. The key to riding a balance bike is to ensure a child’s feet can be placed firmly on the ground when seated. They need to be able to touch the ground to be able to use the bike correctly. Mocka balance bikes are suitable for boys and girls aged 18 months – 6 years. Whilst learning to ride a push-bike can be scary for young children, balance bikes allow kids to master their balance quickly and confidently and makes transitioning to a push-bike seamless.

We pride ourselves on offering Australia’s largest range of balance bikes with 12 different styles and designs – including both wooden and steel balance bikes. Our wooden balance bikes have either 3 or 4 seat settings that are easily adjustable as your wee one grows and our steel Rocket Bike not only has an adjustable seat, but also adjustable handlebars! The solid, big-tread tyres that can be found on majority of our bikes are puncture resistant to ensure a smooth ride on many different terrain (not to mention hassle-free maintenance!).

When it comes to our balance bikes, every bike is created equal – in terms of being made from the same durable materials and quality products. However, not all of our balance bikes look the same. Mocka’s balance bikes come in many different colours, patterns and styles. From the stealthy look of the Ninja Bike to the bright, bubbly design of the Missy, there is a bike to adore for any little girl or boy.

Shop our extensive range of Balance Bikes now and any gift a lucky child with that new-wheel-feeling of freedom.

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